Artist Charles Mahoney: Foxgloves, circa 1935

Artist Charles Mahoney (1903-1968): Foxgloves, circa 1935


Charles Mahoney (1903-1968):
Foxgloves, circa 1935
Mounted (ref: 5400)

Watercolour over pen and ink, 18 x 12 in. (45.8 x 30.5 cm.)

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Provenance: The Artist's Estate

Mahoney's unbridled enthusiasm for plants was shared with Edward Bawden, Geoffrey Rhoades, John Nash and Evelyn Dunbar, with whom he swapped cuttings by post.

Beneath the south wall of his studio my father made wigwams of canes to support multicoloured gourds and deep blue Morning Glory trumpets. He grew many kinds of Polygonum. Some, like P. cuspidatum, were statuesque giants, others, were delicate and lacy. He appreciated flowers such as tulips and Opium Poppies for their slender upright form with a burst of bloom at the top, as they popped up between bushier plants throughout the garden. Lilies likewise shot through the foliage of other plants and exploded in exquisite flowers. Auriculas were a particular passion. He loved the primly formal arrangement which complemented the sumptuous colour combinations.

Elizabeth Bulkeley, letter to Paul Liss 15th March 2005